3 Signs Of Excellent Board Game Packaging Design

Designing the packaging for a board game is an often overlooked task that many companies don't address adequately. As a board game manufacturer, you want to make sure that your board game can be played for years and easily transported to friends' houses so that these friends are exposed to it and are likely to purchase it themselves. Here are some ways to make your board game package design stand out from the crowd as well as ways to continue making it highly functional.

1. There's a Container For Everything in the Plastic Shell

This is the most complicated, expensive option, but it is also the most helpful for the board game owner. The plastic shell is the inner plastic lining that is often easily removed. This plastic is molded into areas for the pieces to be nestled. If you have different colors of chips or small wooden markers, try to make a cup in the overall plastic shell of the packaging for each color. This will save the board game players the extra time that they would need to resort out all of the pieces. Also make sure that you include a spot for the cards in order to keep them from being mixed up. Finally, having a small cup or cube shaped hollow for a dice or set of dice will allow the player to help make sure that he or she keeps track of them.

You also need to be sure that everything fits perfectly in the shell and is large enough for a person to get his or her fingers in besides the item and gently get it out of the hollow.

2. Include Bags or Boxes

For cards or other pieces that won't fit neatly into a hollow or will be damaged by the hollow, consider adding bags to the box to keep all of the pieces together. For example, if you have to separate pieces by color, include color-coded bags that will perfectly fit the pieces. If you need to store different types of cards, include boxes or bags that will fit the cards and keep the edges from bending.

3. Make a Tiered Box

Finally, make a box that will allow you to pull on a cord in the center of the box and then pull the entire shell outwards so that everything is displayed on a small, tiered stand. This is great for games that have tons of pieces that will take at least 20 minutes to set up. By making a box that folds out into tiered sections, you can ensure that everyone will be able to help set up the game, so the setup will go more quickly.

For more information, talk to a packaging design firm such as Arc and Co.