4 Areas In Which A Managed IT Service Is Preferable To In-House Technicians

At some point, your company will need to choose between in-house technicians or a managed IT service. Managed IT services set up your IT infrastructure and maintain it as a singular solution that keeps your company going. While there is some appeal to having an in-house technician, there are some downsides as well.

1. Accessibility: Managed IT Service Are Always Available

What do you do when your IT technician is already working with someone else? What if they all are? Suddenly, you have problems and you don't have the manpower. Managed IT services have enough manpower to deal with all of your issues, regardless, because you're paying for an entire team rather than one technician at a time.

2. Affordability: Managed IT Services Bill by the Hour

Say your IT technician only has four hours of work to do in a day. You're going to have to pay him or her for the entirety of the day if they are on salary — and having an hourly technician creates its own set of problems, because they need to be called in as needed, wasting time. With a managed IT service, you only need to pay them for the time that you actually work with them. You can also negotiate a low flat fee which is usually far less than paying a technician part-time.

3. Expertise: Managed IT Services Leverage Skilled Personnel

Your IT technician likely has experience in one or two, or even a few, areas. But a good managed IT company will have personnel who are knowledgeable in a huge variety of areas. You will often need to call in external consultants when an in-house technician is stumped; this isn't true if you have managed IT services already available. 

4. Infrastructure: Managed IT Services Take Everything Off Premise

For a large part, managed IT services move the bulk of your IT infrastructure off-premise and manage it on their own. This also means that your infrastructure is available anywhere in the world and that your IT servicing personnel can jump into your computers remotely, whether you're in the office or at home, to troubleshoot issues. Further, you won't need to maintain costly on-premise equipment. 

Managed IT services also provide a variety of unique technological benefits related to their infrastructure. It all depends on how much you want to take control over your information technology and how much you want to just work on its own. 

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